Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bristol Topless Monostich Capybara Illuminati Viagra Conspiracy !!!

In general, the Google ratings for this site, seem  if anything  too generous.   But in the matter of monostichs -- I mean -- you read any good ones lately ???  Us we got tonsGood ones !!  But in the search-returns -- bupkes !!

Thus, in a spirit of fairness, and by no means (deus avertat !) attempting to Game the System -- the Sacred System, of all-powerful Goo-gle -- we merely meekly (Tymoshenko naked) make so humbly bold (Kennedy assassination new revelations) as to mention (Paracelsus Savonarola Nostradamus prediction:  Dow at 18,000) that this site has a    savory    monostich  or two ….

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