Sunday, November 13, 2011


We saw Edward Wilson’s successful or at least well-publicized revival (2002) of a then-obsolescent term, consilience.  Additionally (in 1981, thus actually with priority), population-biologist A.R. Templeton coined transilience, a sort of, as its name implies, a pretty amazing transcendent cool thing, which somehow, like, flies in the face of natural selection, and does cool stuff in amazing ways;  the details are  for our purposes  unimportant. 
At this point, I realized I’d better get into the act, and coin a similar term of my own.  Since I already enjoyed a certain brief notoriety on the subject of meta, the choice is obvious:


®©2011 Dr J Worldwide Enterprise, All Rights Reserved, y compris en URSS.

Just what it might mean is t.b.d. and will be revealed at a later date.

Already in the works are such ground-breaking, butt-kicking articles as:

=>  Metasilience and the Monostich
=>  Adventures in Metasilience
=>  Metasilience:  Marvel or Menace ?
=>  Metasilient Connections on Banach Space
=>  Why Choose Metasilience
=>  Chomsky’s Conversion to Metasilience  Shocks the Scholarly World
=>  How I Mastered Metasilience and Achieved More Satisfying Climaxes
=>  Metasilience and YOU (K-8)

Once public passion has reached fever-pitch, I then may auction off this splendid word, the way domain-names are sold.
Bidding begins at a million.  Swiss francs only, please.

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