Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Mathematician and a Theologian Walk into a Bar …

Alas! nothing to add to this as yet;  but what a splendiferous idea for a series of jokes -- nay, anecdotes -- nay, Platonic dialogues!

[Note to the Latinistically literate:  for “nay” here, substitute “immo”.]


  1. A mathematician and a theologian walk into a bar. They order drinks and sip at their cups.

    "You Christian theologians are ridiculous," the mathematician said, "because you think 3=1. What do you think of that?"

    The Christian theologian sipped and then smiled. "I have nothing further to add."

    1. Valid and well-observed; only, a genuine Platonist mathematician would never actually say, “ridiculous” -- would never stoop to that. An engineer, sure; an atheistical physicist, freilich; but a mathematician -- Never! Rather would he frown, and bow his head, and ponder, and then at length look up, and say, “Yye-ess … interesting… The ‘Triune’ conjecture. Worth pursuing.”
      And indeed -- C.S. Lewis (more mathematically inclined than he is generally given credit for) already answered that, in entirely cogent terms of 3-dimensional solid geometry united with the 2-dimensional surfaces. (A further development -- which I might expound, if I am spared -- would involve the Absolute; the Persons of the Absolute; and the Projections (incarnations) of the Absolute.)
      Whether the Nicene Creed is true, lies beyond our science; but that it is compatible with the best mathematical thinking, has already been shown.