Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Dark Side of “The World of Dr Justice”

While setting up a sandwich, I idly flipped-on NPR, landing upon what was evidently the exordium to “A Prairie Home Companion”.  Garrison Keillor’s voice was saying, quite distinctly, something that seemed odd in context:

“with over two trillion dollars in assets”

Instantly I flipped the thing off, and, grimly, thought:  It is time to come clean.

With over two trillion dollars in assets, and a fleet of radar-evasive jets, the World of Dr Justice © World-Wide Enterprises ® (Headquarters of record:  Geneva.  Black-site HQ: [redacted]) remains a little-known, even shadowy entity.   A spare and hardy band of unusually acute observers have fancied they detect the fine hand of its manipulations  behind many of the world’s events;  but nothing was ever proved.

A rare candid photo-shot of WDJ headquarters (or possibly a decoy)

            To its credit, the WDJ has been unique in cyberspace in having the courage to unmask -- well, not to unmask, but to part the veil a bit -- the chilling visage of the Riemann Conspiracy.

A chilling visage:  Dr Justice's stunt double

            And yet, at a deeper level, might not this far-flung, free-reaching, tentacularly octopodal organization that is “the WDJ” -- might not it itself be a part of the Riemann Conspiracy, a part unseen, submerged, unknown beyond the merest inkling  to the conspirators themselves, though it lies and lives a lurking life in their unconscious?
            Only one man  to date   has ever posed that question -- and he lies dead, buried at an undisclosed location, in an unmarked grave.
            (Unless, of course, he faked his own death…)

Dr Justice -- Man, or Menace?
You decide !!

For more about this enigma, click here:
Doctor Justice -- International Man of Mystery

[Update Dec 2013]  It has come to our attention that certain surfers have been attempting to find this site under the name  "" or "".   Yet while the World of Dr Justice (Headquarters:  Geneva) is indeed an Organization, and a shadowy one at that,  our URL is a conventional .com.
Likewise do not search on "", even though, to be sure, some of our posts are highly educational, particularly as they relate to the divine mademoiselle Aurélie Delvaulx.
As for "worldofdrjustice.hamster", that indexes special content, but only for those with appropriate clearances.

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  1. This is what Google thinks is "visually simliar" to the Bundeskriminalamt!