Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sample Questions for your Dream-Exam

Among the most prevalent of anxiety-dreams  is that you find yourself sitting an examination which you had not anticipated  and for which you are unprepared.  While it is not possible to avoid such nightmares, you can at least go in forearmed.   Our operators from the World of Dr Justice (headquarters:  Geneva) have been able to obtain a cribsheet from the strongbox in the Realm of Dreams.  (And this, from a locked room!)  The answers are unfortunately not included;  however, here is your chance to familiarize yourself with the material in advance.

(1)  What is the difference between a duck?

(2) Analogical proportions
            (a) maternal : endorphins :: supernumerary :  ???
            (b) rffnkrr : blKnkn ::  e3r45 :  ???

(3)  Given: 
            the length of the penguin;
            the capacity of the bathtub;
            the rate of flow at the faucet;
            the atomic formula of water;
   Required to know:
            the meaning of life.

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