Saturday, January 11, 2014

Devyani the Diplomat --- Live Like Her !

[An update to this post:

 concerning the celebrated Case of the Indian maid and the Indian diplomat.]

One thing that has no doubt been a conundrum for the popular psyche, and the media that mold it, is what to do about the diplomat.
The mass media have only two principal roles for young women in news stories these days:  (1) victim  (2) heroine.  (If her transgressions are too awful, there is a third.)    Now, normally a beautiful and somewhat prominent woman like Devyani the Diplomat  would be cast as heroine;  however, since she was required in the role of victimizer of the maid (the narrative that launched the weepie in the first place, and no males being present on the sidelines to serve in that role), she couldn’t really wear both hats.  Yet she is far too good-looking to remain in so ambiguous a position.

The answer, we see today:   She is indeed a heroine -- to the privileged classes in India. 

When Ms. Khobragade’s father appeared — she had been spirited away through another door — he beamed at the cameras, and told them, “I am impressed by your love and affection.”

Here we see her saucy and sashaying as she returns home in tinsel triumph, wrapped in her entitlement like a sari:


Her parting unpenitent words to American diplomats:

She told the official, ‘You have lost a good friend. It is unfortunate. In return, you got a maid and a drunken driver. They are in, and we are out.’ ”

[Update 10 Nov 2015]  A reader comments:

Auf der Uni durfte ich eine indische Austauschstudentin kennen lernen. Sie kam aus einer sehr hohen Kaste, war sehr arrogant und mir dementsprechend unsympathisch. Wirklich irritiert war ich jedoch, als sie sich darüber mokierte, dass man in Österreich keine Sklaven für den Haushalt haben darf. (Der aktuelle Wortlaut war "Servant /Diener" jedoch hat sie klar gemacht wie man mit diesen umzugehen hat. Z.B. körperliche Züchtigung wenn das Essen nicht rechtzeitig auf dem Tisch steht )
Das soll die Elite dieses Landes sein? Ich hab immer gehofft, dass das nur ein trauriger Einzelfall war. Wenn ich jedoch solche Berichte lese wird mir schlecht. Tribalismus in Reinkultur!

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