Friday, January 3, 2014

A Plug for Platonism

In a series of sober-sided essays, we have striven to make a plausible case for Realism, in particular as regards mathematics.

However, we are in the Iron Age now -- nay rather, the epoch of plastic -- and arguments do not convince the multitudes.    Accordingly, for the grand public, we offer this slogan:

Platonism: the philosopy with a Thinking Man’s Filter,
and a Smoking Man’s Taste.

I'd walk a mile for a paradox

(This formulation is not entirely original with ourselves, but it has fallen out of copyright, and is thus ready for recycling.)

~ Poshumous Endorsement ~
“To distract my mind from current troubles,
I like to dig into a gritty mystery,
starring those tough-talking, two-fisted Private Eyes,
the lovable Murphy Brothers.”
(Plotinus sum, et hanc fabulam comprobo.)

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