Saturday, January 18, 2014

In further defense of M. Fr. Hollande

[A footnote to this: 

[Update 18 January 2014] In the matter of the Président’s behavior  and the dignity of France, a  grotesque point of etiquette is currently being mooted in the Press:  Which of his two chippies shall be considered as “First Lady”.

 Pour préciser. 
In further defense of the much-maligned Président, who has presided  like a toad squatting on a stone  over the further decline of France, allow me to object, contra  his various detractors, that his sordid moped-borne nocturnal trysts  do not//NOT  constitute actual “adultery”,  since  wife  has he none.   Rather, they were an infidelity (if you can even call it that, for someone with no conception of faith) vis-à-vis his current (and easily disposible) concubine (a different hetaira, whose name is here -- and elsewhere -- of no consequence).   Hollande himself has always denounced the sacrament of marriage as a “bourgeois institution”, and can in no way be criticized for demeaning something of which he has not the slightest understanding:  any more than a garden slug, having (which God forfend) somehow slimed its way up onto the communion table, could possibly spiritually desecrate the consecrated Host (though it might rather mess with its "accidents").

For indeed, true Sin has a certain dignity, as only upon a foundation of Morality can it raise its head.  Chimps in their lubricious oestrus cannot be considered “adulterers”.  In this sense, we are not certain that M. Hollande has actually committed any “sin”.

[Update 19 January 2014]  A well-weighed article by Robert Zaretsky  in this morning’s New York Times, characterizes Hollande as a “weightless president” in an office of great gravity;  and says he continues “la peopolisation”  pioneered by Ségolène Royale (on which see further  Word of the Day:  “la pipolade”.)

Is the Fifth Republic Burning?

[Note:  The essay appears in the print edition of the Week in Review section, but is buried on the Website, and I couldn’t find the link.]

And it reminds us of something I’d forgotten: that the minx whom he ditched for Julie Gayet, Valérie Trierweiler, had herself been the bit of jam for whom Hollande (he of the twitchy Y-fronts) ditched his mistress floozy “partner” of the time -- none other than the ineffable Ségolène Royale !   And this is significant beyond the gossip-columns, for Royale is no thong-snapping starlet (though she does pose in bathing-suits for the tabloids), but the woman who came within spitting-distance (I choose my words with care) -- within spiting-distance  of being elected President of France.

[Update]  An excellent radio essay about the matter can be heard here:

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