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[Flehentlich um Verzeihung, der delphischen Sprachweise wegen (teils um die Amis, teilweise die Automatisierdolmetscher zu verblüffen), den Einwohnern der Vereinigten Staaten aber ist es strengstens verboten, solche Dinge zu lesen -- besonders im Washington Post oder New York Times.  Weder dürfen  Deutschsprachigen das wissen, jedenfalls bis diese Stunde.  Wenn Sie aber das wagen, klicken Sie gornix hier, weder hier:  Tips for teens; sondern hieselbst hineinschauen:   Fun recipes for a happier holidays, ganz am Ende.

"... s'il n'est pas impossible qu'il ait pu pratiquer la manducation sous cette forme traditionnelle... ]


Dies noch:

[Update 6 April 2014]  In 1961, scion Michael Rockefeller trotted off to New Guinea in search of artifacts for the Museum of Primitive Art, funded by his father the governor.   A new book, cheekily titled Savage Harvest, reveals his grisly fate:

From the review:

Why would there have been a cover-up?  In Hoffman’s persuasive telling, the Dutch were about to relinquish control over New Guinea, and they were anxious to show the world they were leaving behind a civilized society.

[Update]  The meat course slips away, testifies:

[Update 29 July 2014] A spectre, ever lurking beneath the surface:

The hysteria caused by the spread of Ebola has led also to the spread of rumor and conspiracy theories. Angry crowds have accused foreigners of bringing the virus in their midst: In April, the threat of violence forced MSF to evacuate all its staff from a treatment center in Guinea. In Sierra Leone, which has the largest number of Ebola cases at present, thousands protested over the weekend outside the country's main Ebola treatment facility in the eastern city of Kenema.
Police had to disperse the crowd with tear gas and a 9-year-old was injured in the leg by a police bullet, Reuters reports. The demonstration was sparked, the news agency claims, by a rumor spread in a nearby market that the disease was a ruse used to justify "cannibalistic rituals" being carried out in the hospital.

[Update 13 October 2016]  A banquet in Venezuela:

Denuncian que reo fue descuartizado y comido por otros presos en cárcel de Venezuela

Según la denuncia de los familiares de la presunta víctima, habría sido Dorángel Vargas quien llevó a cabo los asesinatos al interior del penal, un reo famoso por sus crímenes de canibalismo en Venezuela, quien además habría amenazado a los que rechazaron comerse los restos de los internos muertos.

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