Saturday, January 4, 2014

News U May Have Missed

Most of my readers spend their free time studying the Patristic Fathers, or proving conjectures in cobordism, and hence are likely to fall seriously behind in their watching of television.   To bring you all up to date, here are the top stories from this past week.

*  A research ship became trapped off Antarctica.   A Chinese icebreaker, rushing to its aid, then itself became wedged unbudgeably in the ice -- which has got to be the most embarrassing thing that can ever happen to an icebreaker.    Eventually the passengers were rescued by penguins.

*  The Republican Party finally made a public admission of political, economic, and moral bankruptcy;  but then argued successfully that, like many another fatcat institution that goes belly-up, it deserves to be bailed-out by the American taxpayer.

*  The popular “Duck Dynasty” show was canceled after it was revealed that the duck-calls are not in fact whittled by hand by a bunch of bearded wonders in the boondocks, but mass-produced in China;  and that furthermore they are defective, since they do not actually attract ducks, but only pigeons.

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