Friday, January 10, 2014

Tolle -- lege !

We earlier recounted this motif, wherein one not of this world  bids us take up the text of a new truth;  touching upon the cases of Augustine of Hippo, Muhammad of Mecca -- and Edward of Moscow.

Yet another case has just come to our attention -- that of Caedmon the neatherd, as recounted by Bede:

[Caedmon had] gone out of the house where the entertainment was, to the stable, where he had to take care of the horses that night, he there composed himself to rest at the proper time; a person appeared to him in his sleep, and saluting him by his name, said, “Caedmon, sing some song to me.” He answered, “I cannot sing; for that was the reason why I left the entertainment, and retired to this place because I could not sing.” The other who talked to him, replied, “However, you shall sing.” ­ “What shall I sing?” rejoined he. “Sing the beginning of created beings,” said the other. Hereupon he presently began to sing verses to the praise of God, which he had never heard.
-- Beda Venerabilis, Historia ecclesiastica  gentis Anglorum

'Quid', inquit, 'debeo cantare?' -- At ille, 'Canta', inquit,' principium creaturarum'.

Laus deo !  Sublatum est!

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