Thursday, March 7, 2013

Paschal scandal (up to date)

[Update 7 March 2013]   The latest wrinkle, a distant echo of the Banco Ambrosiano affair:
The head of communications for the troubled Italian bank Monte dei Paschi di Siena died late Wednesday in what the police say appears to have been a suicide.
His death adds an element of tragedy to a scandal that has had a devastating effect on the community of Siena, reverberated throughout European banking and played a role in Italy’s recent political shake-up.
David Rossi, 51, was found dead Wednesday evening on a street under his office window at the bank’s headquarters in Siena, a local police official said Thursday. An employee of the bank found Mr. Rossi’s office window open and called an ambulance, but Mr. Rossi was already dead when emergency service workers arrived.
The police found several notes crushed in Mr. Rossi’s trash basket that magistrates seized for analysis, but said there was not yet an explanation for his death.

Young, healthy, a husband and a father, with everything to live for  -- and they want us to believe this was suicide.
Some will here detect the fine hand of the Mafia.  Others (better informed), of the Masons.
But those in the know will nod their heads imperceptibly.  This case bears all the earmarks of … The Riemann Conspiracy.

~~~~~~  [Here follows our post  from last Lent] ~~~~~~

 “Since when did a locked door  ever stop Nick Carter?”
-- old radio play

The following photograph has been making wide waves on the Web:

The tell-tale reflection in the polished tabletop  is a dead giveaway that the writstwatch has been photoshopped off rather than on.

Now, the Illuminati have been giving this an interesting spin, claiming that the watch cost $30,000 (how would they know that?) and that its existence is evidence of ecclesiastical luxuria, and that the image was ‘shopped off so that the starving peasants would not realize how high on the hog their prelate lives (although you can pretty much guess from the rest of the way he is dressed, that he isn’t reduced to wearing a barrel).  Such a tale may easily find credence among the peasantry.

But  -- just as with the case of the Reddit commentor suposedly snagging a movie deal based upon a few pathetic sci-fi posts -- the story immediately falls apart upon examination.

First of all, actual Christians know full well that ostention is outwardly, humility is inward.   Time and again it has been found that, when someone destined for sainthood died magnificently robed, he was discovered to be wearing, hidden beneath the wordly raiments… a hair shirt.  So, what is really the deal here?

Look closely at that watch… Zoom in … Use your “24”-style Chloe-matic ® Image Resolution (Home Edition)… See what I mean?  $30,000 ?  Not on your Nelly!   It’s a twenty-dollar knockoff  the Patriarch picked up in Times Square after seeing a show.   It is not for that that he was assassinated.

But -- what then?  you stammer, now truly at a loss.
Just as with the hair shirt, the key to the mystery lies … within ….

For,  hidden inside the casing of that unassuming timepiece  was the sole copy (on microfilm) of an exclusive New Proof of the truth of Orthodoxy.  It had not yet been published because the details were still being vetting by the bishopric’s algebraic geometers.   And now it’s … g-g-gone.  Destroyed, or hidden in the vault of ... Mr. Big ???
The mystery only deepens when we learn that, at the time of the purloining of the watch, the patriarch himself had been sitting in a locked room.

This latest outrage has all the earmarks of that litany of crime, known to historians as… 

[Flash update - 25 May 2012] “A room furnished with a single chair…”
Coincidence?  We don’t think so !!

[Update Feb 2013]  Truth trumps fiction .   Or at any rate, rumor does:

Sesso e carriera, i ricatti in Vaticano
dietro la rinuncia di Benedetto XVI
Lotte di potere e denaro in un rapporto segreto con i risultati di un'inchiesta sul Vatileaks consegnato da tre cardinali al Papa. Ipotizzata anche una lobby gay.

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