Friday, August 17, 2012

Quotable Quips

Hey, wait -- wait a bit -- It’s Friday night!  What’s with the fizzix, what was I thinking!
If your sweetheart-to-be  walks into the bar  with a tome about String Theory under his or her arm (like Will in the first episode of “Rubicon”), then by all means resort to the phun phacts in the post below this one.  But otherwise, these merry jests are more likely to ensure that you do not overnight alone.

(PS: I’ve been using an “Appetizers” metaphor  for these bite-size come-ons, saying Click for the Main Meal;  but in this case, if you click, all you’ll get is a platter of salty-spicy bar-snacks.  SaHHteen … )

A question often posed by philosophers:
Suppose I tell Donald Trump to go stuff himself.  He then goes, and stuffs himself accordingly.  But-- how do we know that he was following a rule?

And so we are forced to this startling, yet eminently logical conclusion: (I anticipate a Nobel, or at least a MacArthur, for noticing this): Native Americans are the lineal descendents of penguins.

The ontological touchstone for British analytic philosophy, whether of the Idealist or the Empiricist inclination, has ever been the Tree in the Quad.    For several thousand years, this noble oak has been under uninterrupted observation by a rota of pre-Chalcolithic druids, lest it pop out of being, unobserved. 

“Playfulness” was one of the favorite words of the Romance philologist (and my former teacher) Yakov Malkiel -- though you would not have known it to look at that hard-working, ever-professorial man, twice over an exile.  

Mother’s day should be coming ‘round in about eight months or so;  and to celebrate this glorious occasion, we offer the following heartwarming tribute to Motherhood, from the pen of Professor Dr. Willard “Van” Orman Quine.
A great many of the jokes had what we may term an anagogic moment -- something striving upwards and beyond the confines of our sorry japery.

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