Saturday, September 8, 2012

Stench of the Devil

The proverb has it, that “money has no odor”.   But some of it has a distinct sulphuric stench.
Sheldon Adelson, the human enema-bag, casino magnate, and principal financial backer of Mitt “the Bain of our Existence” Romney, is now plotting to inject his toxin into the bloodstream of Spain, once a proud Catholic country.   As the radio-essay here notes (beginning around minute 11), it was just such “pharaonique” schemes of overbuilding that brought Spain to its current economic crisis -- though, at that time, without the Satanic additions of gambling, drugs and prostitution which the evil Adelson bids fair (bids foul) to bring to the table.   Madrileños!  Reject the blandishments of this fiend.   -- And you family-values types here in America who actually plan to vote for Adelson’s marionette Romney -- wake the fuck up.
But not everyone is thrilled about the idea of Spain hosting a European Sin City that could attract prostitution and mafia gangs — and add gambling addiction to the woes of already desperate Spaniards.
Piquantly, that item appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune, in a Mormon stronghold.
Adelson elige Madrid y esconde sus cartas.
‘Eurovegas’ to drag Spain out of crisis – or into the gutter?
Tomás Gómez, secretary general of Madrid’s Socialist Party, voiced his disapproval of the plan to “sell” Madrid to the American tycoon, saying it would increase crime and would send prostitution rates “through the roof.”
Spain’s rapidly growing prostitution industry has many politicians worried that the new casinos will exacerbate the problem. According to police figures there are currently an estimated 370,000 women involved in prostitution in Spain, 90 percent of whom are trafficked.
Like his faithful poodle Romney, Adelson/Ekelsohn is all about tax-breaks:
Zwischen Madrid und Barcelona ist ein sonderbarer Streit um die Ansiedelung eines Casino-Großprojekts entbrannt, mit dem der US-Milliardär Sheldon Adelson seine Aktivitäten auf Spanien ausdehnen will. Für die Investition von angeblich 17 Milliarden Euro fordert er aber eine Art "Steuerparadies", in dem auch das spanische Arbeits- und Steuerrecht und andere Gesetze praktisch keine Geltung haben sollen.
Adelson, the Meyer Lansky of our day:
Israeli law has, since 1994, prohibited foreign donations to Israeli election campaigns. Yet tens of millions of dollars have continued to pour in from abroad, financing the radical-right Likud political apparatus which is driving the mideast and the world into religious-ethnic warfare.
Sheldon Adelson: casino mogul, one of four foreigners named by the Jerusalem Post as contributing over $100,000 to the Likud's 1996 election campaign… Sheldon Adelson bought out the Las Vegas Sands Hotel, pioneered by Lansky, Moe Dalitz and Bugsy Siegel. … Sheldon Adelson has poured huge sums into Israeli politics. He has sought approval to build casinos in Israel itself—as did Meyer Lanksy—but has so far not succeeded.
[Update 11 IX 2012]  Ah, but enough such clucking!  Here’s some good news from the casino world:
So… they don’t spend all their time fleecing the sheep;  sometimes they fleece each other.
[Update 9/11]  And where did Mitt Romney spend this solemn day of commemoration? Why, in Reno, Nevada! Can't make this stuff up, just can't make it up.

[Update 13 Dec 2013] " The casino magnate Sheldon G. Adelson dropped plans for the EuroVegas resort after failing to win government concessions."
Bravo, España !

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