Saturday, September 22, 2012

This morning’s new web

On a front porch bedecked with webs spanning every aperture, as though hung with bunting,
the small, gracile green spiders that have proliferated this season,
today were joined by a larger species:
russet, and about the size of one joint of my thumb.

He reigned supreme at the dead center of his elaborate web,
until I approached to inspect his handiwork.
Here he sings his song:

i’m a big grumpy spider
heh heh heh
i can eats anything

o nooooezzz !!
that monster bigger than me ! ! !
time to make my getaway
on my clever escape-route strand

(heh  heh  heh  heh  heh ... )

(For more fun with our octopodal buddies the spiders, click here.)

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