Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dr J hearkens to Vox Populi

After a careful review of the blogstats, we must reluctantly conclude that the themes for which this blog was founded -- to include Cantorian Realism, Trinitarian Minimalism, Mathematical Consilience, and suchlike worthy fare -- is not what most folks are hankering for, after a long day at the lab.  Even the Humble Woodchuck receives fewer visitors than would be his due, for all his furry butt.  No, what the broad masses seem to have a yen for, is T&A -- and I don’t mean Theorems & Axioms.

Accordingly, in reverence to the inevitable, we offer this:

[you must be 21 to view]

And this:

Fifty Shades of Jack Bauer

(We asked his Jackness, if he had any regrets.)

JB:  I do.  When, in Season Seven, Renee Walker slapped me hard across the face, not once but twice, while asking me (patronizingly enough), in an acid voice, whether I “felt that” -- I just walked away, without so much as a parting shot.

I realize now that -- so obvious in retrospect -- I should have…have…

pulled down her fawn lace panties then and there,
and striped her buttocks with my studded belt,
till ridges rose upon that quivering skin
like as the moldwarp’s tunnels ‘cross the mold.

[Lines quoted from the “B” manuscript of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew, omitted from the “A” recension.]

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