Thursday, March 21, 2013

Aus dem Nachlass

[Any one of us  might die tonight;  none knoweth when his soul might be required.
And when I expire, should any glance into my drawers, they shall find
many upon many
unfinished thoughts and fragments.
Here, just a sample.
Should I survive, I might flesh it out.]

Chesterton’s “The Wrong Shape”;  but this I shall defend:
the wisdom of the Yin-Yang symbol -- that dot of white  within the swirling black tadpole; that patch of black, within its mirror counterpart….

The Ball and the Cross -- each needs the other.  The Cross, said Chesterton, needs the round earth whereon to stand.  And the great globe needs the cross, …

The honorable atheist, straightforwardly depicted in the autobiography of  CSL.
Yet, more dialectical in the fiction of GKC.
The atheist in this fantasia, respects -- in oppostion - that which he so strenuously denies.
Not outlined, but, by duality, implied -- the theist as well needs the atheist.
-- I don’t want to say more on these lines, lest I turn into some fatuous Frenchman flatulating-out bogus profundities;  but leave this little seed, to work in your imaginations ….

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