Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Or not.  Depends.  Depends which way the wind is blowing.
Even so, the storm-to-be already has a nickname or nom de guerre:  Snowquester®, an echo of Snowmageddon.
 But why take a chance?  Snuggle up beside the fireplace and read our classic posts on meteorological apocalypse, each in the context of movies:

            The Day the Earth Stood Still
            Take Shelter

For another tale of terror,
which might just be hysteria,
or just might be
much worse …. ……
try this:

Have you stocked your basement, attic, bathtub and garage with wholesome & nourishing cans of Campbell’s®-brand soups?  Local authorities are advising residents to stock up on sufficient essentials (medical supplies, water, weapons, Campbell’s® Tomato Soup, Campbell’s® Chicken & Noodle, etc.) to last a thousand years.

 ~ This message brought to you as a public service ~
 ~ by Campbell’s® soups ~

Something to watch  till it lets up:

My bride and I  in our bathrobes,
coffee brewing  bubbling in the background;
the day has not yet dawned.
Already a cruel half-inch of snow
blankets the ground like Nazism.
“Look look O look” say I,
pointing to the back deck, eerily white.
“It is the Storm of the Century.
We shall not see its like until 2113.”

Another tale of quasi-climatic madness --
yet now, ’tis not the man,
but the planet that hath gone insane :
Murphy Makes a Mitzvah
(the tale of the Magic Pawnshop)
Available for Nook or for Kindle,
for less than the price
of a side of fries
[Kindle]   [Nook]

“I’m in the mood for some soup.”
“So many varieties of Campbell’s® soup to choose from!”
“…and Campbell’s® Tomato Soup leads all the rest.”
“The perfect complement  to Peanut Butter & Jelly,
America’s® national sandwich!”
“Closely followed by Campbell’s® Chicken Noodle©.”
“There is also Chicken & Rice ©.”
“Yes, but that is for people with Communist leanings.”

*     *     *
~ BUY!  ~

*     *     *

Mid-morning update:
Still no accumulation on the streets or even the sidewalks.
I stand outside  in the biting wind  with my snow-shovel,
catching the deadly flakes before they can hit the ground.


The website of the Washington Post is gamely trying to feed the frenzy by offering facilities through which readers can send in “your photos, tweets, and reports of power outages”.   Since DC itself has so far seen little beyond moderate rain, this takes some doing.   So, the media needs to roam farther afield, to the rural areas where you find accumulation  -- but where, en revanche, the locals tend to be pretty stoic about weather.
-- This just in!   A reader from western Maryland reports a single snowflake  as big as a house.  

[Noon update]  The National Weather Service has downgraded Snowquester from “Storm of the Century” to “Storm of the Decade”.

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