Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Further Adventures of Doctor Dolittle

The day dawned   bright and breezy,
so Doctor Dolittle  hopped onto his adventure-ship
and sailed  the seven   seas …
He sailed them up, he sailed them down,
borne on   by the breeze …
He looked at things through his spyglass;
by night, he took his ease.

While A-L-L-l-l-l    /the animals --
Gubgub  and  /Dabdab  /and all his friends,
frolicked on the deck,
in seventh heaven.

Eventually, they grew sleepy;
they thought of their nice warm beds.
And so they sailed back, tired and happy,
to Puddleby,  in time for their bedtime snack.

“What a swell adventure,”
they said.

Night / night;  sleep /  tight;
Don’t  / let   //  the bedbugs bite!!

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