Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Road to Riches

Those of you who have been following the saga  are aware of the Justice/Massey “yacht plot”, best known to the public in the following form:

Plan A
(1)  Sell millions of books
(2)  Buy a yacht
(3)  World domination

Drs. Justice & Massey -- and this was before the sequester!

Researchers in the archives have managed to uncover the following back-up plan:

Plan B
(1)  Win the lottery
(2)  Buy a yacht
(3)  World domination

and this one,  even more fiendishly clever:

Plan C
(1)  Discover pirate treasure  buried in back yard
(2)  Buy a yacht
(3)  World domination

Unfortunately, Plan B is out, since we don’t gamble.  The last one has possibilities … but yet … we are so far from the sea …. …..   ………

And so,  we return to the following suggestion for our readers:

(1)  Buy hundreds of copies of our books
(2)  Carry them around with you in a rucksack
(3)  When you encounter someone who is seeking the Meaning of Life, hand them a copy, look into their eyes, and murmur:  “This will make everything clear.”

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