Thursday, March 7, 2013

Snowquester: the tragic aftermath

Millions of you followed our family’s travail, in excruciating detail (Doc, wifey, junior, sis, and our beloved dog, Spot), here:

Thank you for your cards and letters.  Those of you who sent soup cans -- thanks, fine, no more soup now, we have enough soup.   Those of you who sent cash -- You’ve got the right idea!  Keep sending it, in small, non-consecutive, unmarked bills.  (Swiss francs only, please;  no dollars or pesos.)

But still there will be some of you, agonizing,  What more can we do ??!??!?
And the answer is:


  1. I happen to have 5/8ths of an octopus lying around that I don't need anymore. Would that help at all?

  2. The poor fellow sounds as though he's in a bad way. You need to perform mouth-to-tentacle resussitation.