Monday, February 18, 2013

Dr Justice on Dr Massey on Gary Wills on the priesthood

And thus, for our humility, during this Lenten season of prayer and reflection, we are offered, for our edification, a couple of smart slaps across the face with a dead fish:

As the lad said to the headmaster:  "Thank you, sir;  may I have another?"

Why-y, Yes, m'boy, you certainly may!  Ta-ake .... that :

Our friend and colleague Dr. Keith Massey addresses the first:

The fun does not stop coming.   A column in the Washington Post, offering the Modest Proposal that the next Pope be a nun, enjoyed  for a time  the top spot in the “most-emailed” list.  No doubt some bright bulb will pipe up with the suggestion that, in the interests of ecumenism, the next Pope should be a Buddhist.  Or a Wiccan.


The logician and linguistic philosopher  Bertrand Russell once famously stated that simply postulating your ontology has all the advantages of “theft over honest toil”.  As Dr Massey points out, dismissing counterexamples out of hand  is equally convenient.  We apply this technique to obtain startling new results, here:

            Some Problems of Philosophy


For those of you who, like Gary Wills, harbor doubts about the canonicity of “Epistle to the Hebrews”,  you may refresh yourselves with a document of unquestioned authenticity, here:


Following the method pioneered by Wills, we here grapple with a controversy that has plagued historians.

Did Caesar Exist?

Modern scholarship is divided.  The sole evidence of his existence comes from De Bello Gallico, an enigmatic opuscule of unknown provenance…

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