Saturday, February 23, 2013



Our esteemed friend, colleague, publisher, and spiritual advisor,  Dr. Keith A. Massey, has come up with a brilliant plan to move product.

Now, as those of you know  who have followed our travails, Dr Justice suffers from an acute form of yachtlessness:

Accordingly, Dr. Massey and I cooked up a clever plan to remedy our shared penury.  (The plan is Secret, but I’ll tell you, since you’re my BFF.)

(1) Sell billions of books,
(2) thus becoming Very Very Rich;
(3) =>   World Domination.

Unfortunately, step (1) has yet to happen, which has severely impacted steps (2) and (3).

What to do?

Using advanced marketing and mathematical models, Dr. Massey came up with the following plan, astonishing in its simplicity:

=>  Give it away for free  <=

We kid U not.   Here you go, the enticing metaphysical detective thriller  I Don’t Do Divorce Cases -- for free:

[Update 1 March:  That offer has expired;  but members of Amazon Prime can still get it for free.]

In less than 24 hours since its midnight announcement, this ingenious scheme has already resulted in sales figures vastly higher than any we had previously reached:  we are thus well on our way to ticking off Point 1  of the Secret Plan.
Just how this achievement contributes to Point 2 of the plan, is at present uncertain, since it generates no income at all.  (Our accountants are working on this.)

Still … Great though be my respect for the learnèd, Dr Massey,  it strikes me that his approach is a tad cerebral -- kind of print-oriented (albeit on a Kindle), sort of DWM.   And so, for the pleasure of our readers, we offer this additional argument, from la divine Aurélie :

O comme j’adore les romans policiers du mignon Docteur Justice !!

(The above, for the connoisseur, is a variation of the argumentum ad baculum:  the argumentum ad veretrum.)

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