Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Undead Sea-Scrolls

The New York Times provides a detailed and saddening article about the latest installment in the academic quarrels -- stretching back for decades -- surrounding the Dead Sea Scrolls:

 They could not have led to more acrimony had they been the Apple of Eris.
There are serious issues here, which I shall not address.


And yet (to don the sock  and doff the buskin),  the contention they have occasioned  is as nothing, compared with the academic uproar surrounding the recent discovery of the Lost Sonnet of St Augustine.   That this is the most important philological find in the past thousand years, is now acknowledged by everyone.   But the question on everyone’s lips  is -- Why? Who purloined the manuscript??   Where is the original Latin ???

Before we shall discover an answer -- aye, mark my words -- there shall be discovered  many a body  in many a library, 
the dressing-gown pierced by a dagger
of rare oriental design …  ……   …………….

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