Saturday, September 20, 2014

Idea for a Screenplay

Appointment in Tirana

(1)   The supreme head of the [named apostolic entity redacted] no doubt receives hundreds, if not thousands, of utterly bogus threats per year.  Some are pranks, others are from disturbed persons with no genuine capacity for effective action.
Then one comes in, and then another, purportedly (though who can verify a case like this -- it’s not as though there’s a press-office; and anyone can sign a name) from an unlikely source.  But:  said source having been enjoying a certain notoriety in the news of late (which indeed it craves, and seems to live for), a brief back-page notice is issued in the press, and is largely forgotten.  For their part, the entourage of [redacted] dismiss concerns, and announce that they will proceed with the voyage as planned.

(2)  Meanwhile, in a semi-darkened tower, in the corner of a cubicle in what looks like a kind of half-abandoned warehouse, a young man in uniform (for purposes of the screenplay, we may call him “Bob”) stares at the river of pixels as it races past his eyes.   He is tired;  he has put in a long day, he yearns for the embrace of his sweetheart at home.   Yet something tells him to push it just one pace farther.  Then something catches his attention.  It seems a little odd.
Certainly, by itself it means nothing;  but then, you never know.  He shrugs, and sends it on.
Mostly, it is ignored.

(3) Shortly thereafter, an aging and rather eccentric individual (whom the screenplay can feature as “Doctor Jay”), having meant to retire before now  but put that day off  for one reason or another, notices both items, and realizes that they make more sense together than apart.  He studies the matter, without reaching any definite conclusion.  But he continues to turn the matter over in his mind, with growing alarm.
A few days later, something happens on a faraway island continent, and suddenly all the pieces seem to fall into place.
Exceeding his brief, and risking rebuke, he frantically tries to bring the matter to the attention of [deleted], [minimized], and [redacted].   No-one responds.

(4)  Meanwhile, on another continent, in a mountain redoubt, a sinister figure, clad all in black apart from a glinting golden timepiece encircling his hairy wrist, stares at the latest handwritten courier communication  with narrowed eyes.  He gives only the most imperceptible of nods;  but his minions pick up the signal.  The op is a go.

Synchronize your watches ...

(5) Simultaneously, on the top floor of the palace, an elderly figure in a white skullcap practices his big speech before an antique gilded mirror.  What an occasion this will be!   He hopes the weather will be fine.

(6)  Halfway around the globe, in a little town in Iowa (sun shining brightly above, with radiant unconcern), a tiny child drops its lollipop on the sidewalk, stares at it with round eyes, first of incomprehension, then of of dismay;  and bursts into tears.  Little does he realize that he will ere long have greater cause for weeping, which shall mark the fate of his entire generation.

(7)  [Need to somehow work in the love-interest or it’ll never get airplay.  Our screenwriters are working on that angle.]

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