Saturday, September 13, 2014

Radio Free Sweden

Remember Radio Free Europe?   Now there’s a sort of “Radio Free Sweden”, based in Denmark, safely outside the Swedish Politicalcorrectness-Zone.

Voice of Denmark is a daily debate programme for Swedes, dealing with all the things people can’t or won’t talk about in the Swedish media.
Inspired by Voice of America, which broadcast on the other side of the iron curtain during the Cold War, Radio24syv created a radio programme for neighbouring Sweden, so that Swedish listeners could debate subjects considered taboo in their own media.

For some of the things Swedish politicians would rather you not talk about, try this:

When a center-right politician wrote an opinion piece last month on the need to discuss a limit on refugee numbers, her party leadership said they felt “sick” and “ashamed” of her “pitiful” article.

and, with greater snark, this:

Schweden vor der Parlamentswahl:  Der Lack ist ab in Bullerbü

Tomorrow’s parliamentary elections could prove interesting.  They might be hearing from these guys:

The Return of the Repressed

Zum Thema:

Tout débat lié à l'immigration est piégé. Candidate du très modéré parti chrétien-démocrate (Kristdemokraterna, coalition sortante), Sara Skyttedal, 28 ans, en sait quelque chose. 
Lorsque, le 29 août dernier, elle a remis en question "la capacité structurelle de la Suède d'accueillir 70 000 demandeurs d'asile cette année, dont 27 000 Syriens, au moment où le pays manque de logements  et alors que 40% de cette catégorie de migrants se trouve encore au chômage quinze ans après son arrivée", elle a essuyé un méchant tir de barrage. "La seule limite est la limite morale", l'ont sermonnée les écologistes. "De même, l'an dernier, quand j'ai avancé l'idée que les auteurs de délits commis sur le sol suédois par des ressortissants de l'UE, par exemple des Roumains, soient empêchés de revenir, on m'a qualifiée de raciste." Selon elle, "la posture moralisatrice de la gauche et d'une grande partie de la presse  empêche tout débat sensé".

[Update 14 September 2014] Alright, okay, the results are in.
Regarding the minority parties, the MSM pre-election hype  was all about the Feminist Party;  in the event, it did not win a single seat.
As for the Sverigedemokraterna, the pre-election coverage consistenly minimized their figures, evidently in hopes that wavering voters would not vote for them.  In the event, they more than doubled their total from last time.  They are still very much a minority party (in distant third-place), but compare the trajectory of the French FN.

[Update 21 September 2014] 

One online poster, Umm Ubaydah, claims to have traveled alone to Syria to take care of her husband and fellow Islamic State fighters. Three days after American reporter Steven Sotloff was executed, one person asked on her Tumblr page, where she occasionally writes in Swedish, what she thought of his execution. "I wish I did it," she answered simply.
And this:

[Update Feb 2015] An excellent analysis of the Norwegian situation, by Hugh Aiken, in the New York Review of Books, here:

[Update June 2015]

[Update 30 Oct 2015]  The Guardian, which normally pushes the Care-Bears narrative, did allow this fait-divers to slip out:

Check out the readers' comments -- not at all what the Gutmenschen editors had hoped for.

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