Friday, September 26, 2014

Islandia delenda est !

This site was the first (and actually the last) to report  the all-out seaborne assault of the formidable Icelandic navy, against the freedom-loving people’s popular emirate of the liberationally-empowered populistical Islamic State of Azawad:

Swiftly, AQMI and Abu-Mitt ag-Romney formed a coalition to repel the onslaught:

And what of the enemies of the free and independent Caliphate of People’s Liberated Azawad, such as the blood-sucking Icelandic warmongers (whom Allah confound, and to whom the Azawadis refer to pejoratively, with an ethnic epithet, as  “Vikings”) ?

Yet now, in the face of the latest shameless provocation islandaise,

Des poussières volcaniques islandaises polluent le nord de la France

Riemannistan can only call for:  War to the Knife !!

Iceland's merciless plutonic onslaught

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