Tuesday, July 3, 2012

An important public publishing announcement

Our esteemed colleague, boozing buddy, and two-fisted Private Eye, Mr. Michael Xavier Murphy, has now -- following the trail we blazed, yet eclipsing our own efforts -- boldly ventured into the fast-growing field of Monostichs.  The ground-breaking offering  here:

Even better news:  When the sales of his detective stories break the one-million mark, Mr. Murphy has promised to bring out a chic line of exclusive upscale ultra-expensive coffee-mugs, each one bearing a hand-crafted Murphystich ©.

You can help this happen by simply purchasing several dozen copies of the works featured here:
Read one yourself, give the other to your spouse, and hand the rest out in church.

You can enjoy Murphy's own genuine voice here, reading from his memoirs:

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