Sunday, July 1, 2012

Where do you find a linguist when you need one?

We have earlier commented on the extreme inadvisability of going anywhere or doing anything without the services of an entourage of expertly trained and highly paid linguists.  Here is yet another instance of someone who did not heed our well-meant warning:

[Romney’s] Spanish-language advertising has been minimal and clumsy, the experts said. Some of his ads are simply translated versions of his English-language commercials — a particular no-no when trying to reach Latino consumers. … Some of the phrases in those ads are awkwardly translated. Some marketing experts say Romney's Spanish-language efforts suggest he's abandoned hope altogether of reaching the Latino community.
-- L.A.Times, 1 July 2012

For want of a verb, a Presidency was lost!'

For further documented instances of the heroics of philologians, click here.

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