Sunday, July 15, 2012


Those of you who may have had occasion to follow, in another place, my periodic outpourings, my strange and mystical musings upon the penguins (shimmering in perfection,  upon the mind’s own ice),  may well yet ask yourselves:  What might all this lather of math  have to do with any of that?
            And the answer is simplicity itself.  We, the race of Men, having been created but a little lower than the penguins…. No, excuse me, of course I mean:  … created (as regards  complexity) but a little lower than the angels, right, the angels   – and, in obstreperousness, but little better than the devils – anyhow we, we are much too much of a mouthful/an eyeful/an earful/a soulful/    to survey all at once.  And so I …  project us onto the penguins,  these being (to use the topological term) a hyperplane in Peoplespace;  thére   the better to survey our kind  in petto.  -- Even so do the very angels, peering over their edge of clouds, survey (e’en)  us.

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