Monday, July 23, 2012

Notice of de-commission


You are being contacted because your gender is no longer required  and is being discontinued.  Like the Y chromosome,  you are vestigial.
Please turn in your remaining assets (to include the penis) at Headquarters :


The State

[Flash update 13 Oct 2013]  The Times editorial board officially admits the existence of men (though not in so many words):

[Update 31 Oct 2013]  More on (male) poverty in Italy:
   Les nouveaux pauvres


  1. That's really sad, but it's happening here, too. Only, here, the culture is doing the marginalization itself, before our economy had a chance to do it for us.

    The concept of "family" is beginning to mean more and more frequently, "mom and children," maybe a dad, maybe not; maybe he's involved, around, maybe he isn't. If she needs help, she goes to her mom, or her aunt, because maybe her dad is around, maybe he isn't. And it seems, more often than not, they aren't. I think that as a result of this unreliability, young ladies are becoming more likely to succeed as professionals, while young men are becoming more marginalized. Yet another divergent trend.

  2. Mamabear -- Papabear -- Babybear ... :
    that is the unit, the nucleus, of all that is good, here below.