Sunday, July 8, 2012

On Profanation

When Touregs  and then Salafist jihadis  took over northern Mali  and seceded as Azawad,  Christians in the major cities  fled for their lives.  Nary a peep about this in the English-language press.  Then Christocidal Boko Haram sent an armed contingent to Azawad, presumably to mop up the stragglers.    )* Crickets *( .

But let these rascals put pick to tomb, and the world is up in arms.  For the first time,  a (French-led?) coalition invasion of Azawad is a real possibility.

Muslim mud mausoleum -- in the process of being destroyed by other Muslims -- yet (to the bien-pensants)  more precious by far  than all the souls in Christendom

Meanwhile,  Azawad is not the only place where graves are profaned:
Quelque 51 tombes de soldats allemands, ont été profanées dans un cimetière militaire du nord-est de la France, jetant une ombre sur le cinquantenaire de la réconciliation franco-allemande célébré aujourd'hui par Angela Merkel et François Hollande.

Perhaps, for even-handedness (the French are nothing if not logical), France should reserve a contingent of their invasion-force to invade France.

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[Update 9 July 2012]  When massacres of Christians by Muslims occur, this tends to be sanitized in the headlines of such right-thinking organs as the New York Times:

Gunmen Strike Nigeria Towns, Killing Dozens

-- as though they were some random, colorblind swarm of hornets, or a hurricane.

But read on:

Armed assailants set off a burst of violence that left at least 56 people dead over the weekend in Christian villages near a Nigerian city where the authorities have struggled to contain religious conflict.  … “They came in hundreds,” Mr. Salisu said of the attackers. Some wore police uniforms and bulletproof vests. … Mark Lipdo, who runs a Christian advocacy group known as the Stefanos Foundation, listed 13 villages that he said were attacked. He said they were all Christian.

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