Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mitt Romney, Pirate of the Caribbean

The Caymans -- Tax haven, paradis fiscal, and a center of crime and piracy since the seventeenth century:

The Buccaneer is coming under pressure now, even from fellow Republicans, to release his tax records, as his father did.   Those who suggest this  probably mean well, but fail to grasp how a fiscal swashbuckler like Mittney simply can’t afford to:  the cave-creatures that live in vaults in places like Bermuda and Switzerland, cannot bear the light.

Mitt "the Reaper" Romney, firmly at the helm of Bain Capital

Some Democrats have floated the word “felonies”, but The Mitt is probably too sly for that.   The things he has done are probably legal, merely unspeakable.  As someone once remarked, in the world of high finance, the scandal isn’t so much the law-breaking that sometimes occurs, but the vast amount of shenanigans that are perfectly legal under the law.

More about this human waste-dump  here:

[Update, 2 Aug 2012]  Harry Reid doubles down on his accusations against Romney:

"Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took his jihad concerning Mitt Romney's personal finances to the chamber floor Thursday, repeating his unsubstantiated claim that the wealthy Republican paid no federal income taxes for 10 years."

I have no idea whatever whether these charges are true.  Indeed, if they are untrue, the fact that Reid nonetheless so accused Romney, goes all the more to the principle point that here needs to be made:  namely, that badmouthing Romney is not evidence of "anti-Mormon bias".  Reid himself is Mormon;  and if you have read my essays on wholesome family values, you would dismiss out of hand any scuttlebutt to the effect that this site displays any such bias.

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