Thursday, July 5, 2012

Romney! (monostich) Palin! (monostichs) sex-slave! (monostich) eyeball-attack !!!

Nonono, stand down, move along folks, nothing to see here.
Just trying to goose the stats for "monostich";  surprisingly difficult to do.

Not only does this site not come up all that high in a search for the string (how high, depends on your browsing history);  hardly ever does anyone land on this site by searching on “monostich”. Despite the fact that (by any objective measure) we are, ourselves, the Monstich King.

Blogspot kindly shows the stats. Here are some recent searchstrings that did find this site:

Repeated themes:
            the world of dr justice god particle
            god particle hyperbole
            "america the philosophical"
            string theory job market
            natural law constitution
            azawad écriture
            mitt romney the wrong man for the job
            noam chomsky and logophilia
            psychology of mathematical discovery
            souvenirs d'apprentissage

A nice rhyming one:
            callipygian religion

Quirky stuff you will find only here:
            iceland ireland azawad war
            romney justice azawad foreign agent scandal
            the umbrella man
            penitential prayers posturing
            riemann conspiracy

Some strings we’d just as soon not be found by (*sigh*) :
            huge boobs in da wrold
            escort fantasy necrophilia

(Move… away… from the keyboard, guys.   Nothing for you here.)

Accidental hits -- someone searching on an image, that happens to illustrate one of our posts:
            classic icarus painting
            homer simpson вектор

Similarly, a search on foreign phrases we happen to use:
            scala naturae
            wovon man nicht sprechen kann darüber
            ansar dine pronunciation
            esse est percipi pronunciation
            fides penes auctorem erit
            nuntiatur iovi venisse quendam

And then some utterly weird ones, giving a glimpse into a mentation I would rather not behold:
            opposite of france
(That’s a challenging one.  What is the opposite of France?  Ecnarf?  Germany? -- This is the sort of mental mist we treat under the label “aturdido”.)

And worst/best of all:
            how many candidates for memberahip in the homini

This led our searcher to the quite respectable essay, Quot linguæ, tot homini;  but what was in his mind?   He may have mistaken homini to mean something like 'Illuminati';  in which case he would have been happier here.


“Oooooh  noooooez!” you cry.  “Whatever shall we do, the world being in such a state these days?”
Answer:   Buy my books.
(By the way, if you click there, you also get to see a really cute, though marginally alarmed baby.)


  1. "huge boobs in da wrold" doesn't work from a Yahoo! search, if you don't turn off "safe browsing." Which, of course, you need to log into your Yahoo! account to do. The fascists.

  2. The scoundrels! Do they block “woodchuck monostich” as well?
    The World of Dr Justice is entirely in accord, that da wrold is in dire need of boobs -- huge, petite, and in between -- : that is no more than human nature. However, we do not wish our site to become known principally for this.