Sunday, July 15, 2012

“We shouldn’t, but we do.”

An episode, from over half a century ago, of the radio series “Gunsmoke”, heard tonight on “The Big Broadcast.”

It was about a delinquent and abandoned boy, who is captured while stealing a horse.  Matt Dillon and his friend cut the lad some slack, and offer him a job as a stable-boy.  He enquires, What if I steal?
“We trust you,” they say.
The boy considers this, and, knowing what lurks in his own heart, says:
“You shouldn’t trust anyone.”

Now, this would be the time for a homily about the value of trust, or why we should all trust one another, or how mankind is just one big family etc etc;  but instead, Matt Dillon replies, without missing a beat:
Maybe we shouldn’t, but we do.”

And that is the Christian answer -- the mystical and inexplicable answer of  the Bishop to Jean Valjean.
We shouldn’t, but we do.
That applies to so many things.

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