Saturday, April 7, 2012

O Azawad, my Azawad

Let us all welcome the planet’s newest nation -- free and independent


(a.k.a. "the country formerly known as Northern Mali"):

The famous flag of free and independent Azawad

Already the locals are celebrating with such high-spirited pranks as kidnapping Algerian diplomats: 

Celebrations are expected to last long, long into the dark of the night.

(For the background to these bemusing events, click here:

You perhaps are asking yourselves, What does free and independent self-ruling Azawad  have to do with me?   (Precious:  me.) Well, --- free and independent Azawad has everything to do with you, since it is perhaps the last totally isolated getaway on earth (Tibet was simply ruined by tourists), whose secluded beauty will “captivate” you and your family.  Let’s hear it from the Azawadian  Minister of Tourism,  Osama ng Najim ag Ifrit:

Sun?  We have sun!  Sand?  We have sand!  Lots and lots of both.  (Water, not so much.)
You no have to worry about crowds -- You will be only tourists here!
So, for Fun in the Sun, come now -- come unarmed -- and bring your credit cards.

(Travel advisory:  The sale or purchase of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in the  free and independent People’s Islamic Republic of Azawad, so BYOB.)

With a view to encouraging such plucky independence of spirit, the United Nations is being urged to offer free and independent Azawad  a permanent seat on the Security Council.   By contrast, the Republican Presidential candidates are outdoing one another in calling for the U.S. to invade.  And from the sidelines, John McCain threatened to “bomb Azawad back into the Stone Age”, until it was pointed out to him that beautiful Azawad is already in the Stone Age.

For further truthful funfacts about the Stone Age, click here!

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