Sunday, March 25, 2012

Renewed Denial from DoD

Alright so, so big deal, so some pimply hacker manages to break into our secure servers again (we have to hand it to him, though, got a noggin on his neck there:  our TRACEROUTE reveals that he somehow managed to guess the new secure password, “PCGUEST1”, on the first try -- pretty impressive) and “claims” to have found “evidence” that said “Aloysius Urysohn” is a fictional character, and that he was, moreover, never the DoD Head Gardener at all (as erroneously implied by an earlier spokesperson who has since been demoted and killed), but simply the Assistant Coffeebrewer for the typist pool.   Alright, okay, so sue me.

Look -- the Department denies any and all allegations -- OK?  Satisfied?  Really, this Denial business is getting old.  Just trust us, okay?

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1 comment:

  1. With each denial, you are simply digging yourselves a deeper hole.
    Does the name
    => Tychonoff <=
    mean anything 2 U ?????