Saturday, March 24, 2012

Urgent Alert to Amcits

This is Agent Bauer of the FBI.   (No, not that Bauer, another Bauer -- I get that all the time.)   Please be advised that the so-called “Appeal” by the non-existent “Roger Crispmann” (an obvious cover-name) of the “LAPD” (and what would they have to do with the case anyway?  Dr J’s Fortress of Certitude lies hundreds of miles from Hollywood, and not exposed atop any crag either, how dumb do you think he is)  was a hoax, presumably perpetrated by the criminals themselves.   They have obviously simply patterned themselves on the well-known case of the Colombian Drug Tips Hotline, which the narcotraffickers were monitoring, the better to kill the tipsters.  Already, dozens of residents of the Greater Los Angeles area  have disappeared.

So:   Should you read such an Appeal, alert the Bureau, and do not comply with its demands.  Or if you do go, go heavily armed.

[Urgent release from DHS]   Cease reading immediately.  You are not cleared for this.
What is truth, and what is fantasy, you are incapable to discern.
Final warning here:
Your computer will self-destruct in twelve seconds.


  1. Roger Crispmann, LAPDMarch 24, 2012 at 5:27 PM

    Oh yeh right; the Bureau is at it again. They just can’t stand being upstaged by the local police.
    “Go back to your stationhouses, you flatfooted coppers. Attend to your donuts; the Bureau will take it from here.”
    Folks, just ignore it. Nothing but a bureaucratic turf-war. Our offer stands.