Monday, April 9, 2012

An Apologetic Note to Our Readers

It takes a  Big  Man   to admit it   when he’s wrong. 
We ….. are such a Man.

Well, -- we were wrong, and we admit it. 
Wrong;  mistaken;   and  way off-base.

In good faith, based on a leak from the campaign staff, we reported Romney’s post-Etch-a-Sketch ® plans here:

Boy, were we ever wrong!  For as it turns out, and as pretty much everybody knows by now, come the general election, Abu-Romney will not, in fact, repeat not, announce his conversion to Buddhism -- despite the fact that that was the clear recommendation of his focus-group, Buddhism being sort of a least-common-denominator that offends the fewest voters, be they  atheists, Satanists, Branch Davidians, Hasidics,  Scientologists, Charles Manson devoted loveslaves, Two-Seed-in-the-Spirit  Hardshell  Oldstyle  Diehard   full-immersion Baptists,  or what have you:  whereas Mormons are a pretty tough sell outside of Utah and certain parts of Africa. 

Instead, as we recently learned, and as has by now been widely reported in the press (though you heard it here first), His Excellency the Azawadi Prime Minister his highness Abu-Mitt ag George `Abd-al-Filuus ibn-Shaitan al-Romney  will be campaigning as an Islamo-Mormon (or perhaps as an Islamo-fascist -- whichever will offend the fewest voters).

WDJ regrets the error.
We are reelly, reeelly sor-ry.

Dr J and his entire research department performing penance

We shall try to do better  in future.
(We are writing this on the blackboard -- well, copying it and pasting -- a hundred times  as punishment.)

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