Friday, April 27, 2012

An insidious video

“But then, one by one, all his encrypted phones began to break.”

First, lock your doors.   Next -- peep out the blinds.  Check in the street below, whether a black sedan is idling within easy view of your residence.  If so, you need to flee.  If not, click here:

Having watched this -- Destroy your computer’s hard-drive, make a will, and head for the hills.

We have never dared suggest that the whole DSK soap opera was, at a deeper level -- much deeper than that of the shenanigans of French politics -- that it was nothing more than a red herring -- a diversion -- to distract an easily-distractable populace from the depth and horror of ….

But the accumulating evidence now  is hard to ignore.


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The first thing you need to ask yourselves is … Who is the man in the raincoat ???!!?????
Enhance the image using ChloeView ®, and you will easily see that this is not DSK, but a stunt double.
And yet -- The real DSK arrives within three minutes of this bogus scenario !!!

Another point -- note -- This is time-lapse photography;  the total events covered over the course of the video  must have run some twenty minutes.  Yet during that whole time, the clot of people in front of the hotel  scarcely changes:  the same people keep milling around, mumbling "durka durka durka", as the minutes tick by.  Now -- Who stands around for twenty minutes doing nothing, especially among the overscheduled upscale clientele of Sofitel?   The obvious conclusion is that most or all of them are plants -- bodyguards, SIGINT teams, covert operators, with perhaps a sprinkling of pickpockets.
-- Truly, they take us for fools.

Meanwhile  Epstein -- a known agent of the Knights of Malta -- isn’t talking.

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Cette infecte espèce de Dialloïde n’est qu’un travesti, qui travaille pour le המוסד למודיעין ולתפקידים מיוחדים  depuis bien longtemps:
In-croy-able ….

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Mise à jour époustiflante

M. DSK vient d’accepter le poste de Ministre de Finances du nouvel état d’Azawad Libre Populaire:

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  1. Vous êtes formellement interdit d’écrire quoi que ce soit à ce sujet.
    D’ailleurs -- espèce d’andouille -- DSK travaille *pour nous* !!!!!