Saturday, April 14, 2012

So It’s Down to a Two-Person Race

So that wimpette Santorum has tossed in the towelette, after all the other mini-nonromneys had sheepishly shuffled off the stage.
All … except one.
The tall.  The true.

None other than the celebrated Azawadi Minister of TourismMurphy’s drinking-buddy, breaker of lances against all things NominalistDr J.

Dr J, skewering Heresy with his mighty lance (longer than yours)

I declared my candidacy here,
and have never retracted it.

See you at the floor fight, Mitt …

[Flash Update ! ]    Dr. Justice has selected his running-mate:  none other than


[Double-flash Update !! ]  It's down to a one-person race !

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