Saturday, August 31, 2013

Frank Freeze

You try to look up old friends online -- but unless his name is something like “Rrfschwnkl Rbbowttzz”, you’re going to get far too many hits.  (Good luck with my name -- some frigging baseball player  messing up the mix.)

So -- here is a ring, cast into the waves,  to see what it  might  bring …

“Parsons College”. "North Carolina".  “Academic Year Abroad”  (AYA).  Paris.  Geneva.  “Dr. Deginger”.  Far too much wine, and cheese fondue.  (And standing stock-still, for birds …)
Later:  A visit in Berkeley.  Linguistics.   (I still have our conversation on tape.)

I turned you on to Loomis & Sternberg, 
and you turned me on to Glenn Gould.

So, before one of us dies --
Hi there.

[Update 5 Oct 2013]  Dear Mr. Rbbowttzz:
It was nice hearing from you.  I'm sure you're a very nice person, despite what you wrote.
However, I don't actually know you, don't-you-know.  The use of the name "Rbbowtzz" was purely by way of illustration, though I now understand that it is an old and honored surname in your part of the forest.

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