Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gutes Einschlafen

The good dream-doctor writes:

Es kann uns gelingen, den Energiebesetzungen unseres wachen Denkens  ein vorläufiges Ende zu machen, wenn wir beschließen, den Schlaf aufzusuchen.  Wer das gut kann, der ist ein guter Schläfer;  der erste Napoleon soll ein Muster dieser Gattung gewesen sein.
-- Sigmund Freud, Die Traumdeutung (1900)

We must confess in all candor, that the traits we share with Bonaparte are but few.  For one thing, we’re a lot taller than he was;  for another, we have never invaded Russia, nor have we ever pretended to refuse the emperor’s crown and then cockily plop it onto our head with our own hands.  (We possibly also speak better French than he did, since after all he was himself not French but Corsican.  Corsica had its own native language back then, more closely related to Italian.)  But one trait we evidently do have in common, is out ability to flag down the express-train to Dreamland, to go out like a light on command.

The solution is simple, and we share it free of charge:

            (1) Close your eyes.
            (2) Hug your bear.
            (3) Think about snow-bunnies.

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