Friday, August 2, 2013

“You lookin’ at *me* ?!??”

In the circles in which I  these days  move,
no-one is especially concerned, whether they are being “looked-at”, 
nor by whom,
nor in what way.
This is a refreshing feature (one of many) of working with guys who are more concerned (though not overly concerned) with whether they’re being, not "looked" at, but shot at  by some muj -- which they sometimes are.   (Hey, it happens.)

But there are cultures, and subpopulations, that are very concerned with such things, very concerned indeed.   The muj themselves, to name but one.  And even in the West, such concerns have led to legislation,  which we noticed here:


I was reminded of this, while casually reading  in Ernst Fischer’s memoir of another time and clime, recalling those who sported  “eine farbige Mütze …  ihr Gesicht, von Schmissen durchfurcht … den sorgsam gepflegten Narben  rühmlicher Mensuren”, and who, on this occasion or that, imagined that someone had looked at them funny:

« Mein Herr!  Sie haben mich fixiert.  Sind Sie satisfaktionsfähig? » Ich weiß nicht, ob in diesem « fixiert »  die Urangst vor dem bösen Blick  versteckt.
Erinnerungen und Reflexionen (1969), p. 91

(“Der böse Blick”:   al-`ayn.) 

Für psychologisch tiefgreifende Krimis,
in pikanter amerikanischer Mundart,
und christlich gesinnt,
klicken Sie bitte hier:



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