Saturday, August 3, 2013

Is Wikipedia omniscient?

It knows  things known,  and things obscure:
Quantum Field Theory.
The capital of North Dakota.

It knows things  you did not know that it knew:
What you were thinking, when you eyed that girl.
Where you misplaced your car-keys.
The meaning of your dreams.

But one thing it does not know -- or refuses to tell you -- is the true nature, and deeper meaning, of the Riemann Conspiracy.

Sure, sure -- they’ll tell you about Urysohn, and Tychonoff, and Leopold Trepper, and Kronstadt, and even a hint about The Third Man at Dealey Plaza 1963 -- but never a hint about what these gentlemen were really up to, behind their (semi-)public personas, nor how it is all interconnected.

-- Unfortunately, by the mere fact of having viewed this page,
you are personally now on a targeted hitlist for Extraordinary Rendition.
Them’s the breaks.
But hey--  Life is finite.  Look on the bright side:
The worst that can happen  is that you’ll be captured and expertly tortured -- slowly, slowly -- unto agonizing death.
But hey--  Not as bad as being thirteen years old and with pimples, am I right?

Anyhow, to begin the adventure (because, believe me, now, you got Nothing 2 lose),

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