Friday, August 16, 2013

Your Questions About Snow Bunnies Cheerfully Answered

Q. Where do snow bunnies come from?
A. God opens his palms, and there they are.

Q: Where do snow bunnies go when there’s no snow?
A: Their home base is a planet called Counter-Earth.  Like snow bunnies, Counter-Earth is real and substantial; but like them, it suffers from an irremediable impossibility of observation, as it orbits the sun exactly antipodal to Earth, being thus  from our standpoint  permanently in eclipse.  The Pythagoreans knew all about Counter-Earth, but everyone else just forgot.

Q:  What are snowbunnies like, really?
A: They are very small and private;  soft and quiet. 
They toil not, neither (save at the speed of light, round & round & round …)
 do they spin …

Q:  You speak mysteriously of the ‘spinning’ of snow-bunnies.
Are they therefore fermions, or bosons? 
(An enquiring public  wants to know.)
A:  They are neither. They are “bun-ons”.
Their spin is rather difficult to detect;  though infants can see it …

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