Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Goose and the Gander again

In a recent post,  we noticed how wildly at variance is the reporting, among mainstream sources, of so basic a fact as whether the total for those slain in the past week’s assault by the Egyptian military  runs in the hundreds or thousands.  And now here is another example in which the basic information you receive  varies drastically  depending on your news sources --- and this, again, as regards the MSM, rather than small sectarian outlets that self-create their own little worlds.

Consider the following headline:

World reacts with outrage
 as Chicago mobs storm, burn, dozens of mosques and Muslim businesses

Now, that did not in fact happen;  had it done so, it would be all anyone was talking about.
By contrast, the following is essentially true

America reacts with indifference
as Cairo mobs storm, burn, dozens of Christian churches

News of the attacks is not suppressed, exactly;  you can find it online if you hunt for it, though mostly only in Christian news sources.   Today’s Sunday New York Times, for example, makes no mention of it, though it does have a large headline “Sectarian Attacks Return with a Roar to Iraq” -- the attackers here being mostly Sunni Moslems, the victims Shiites.  The only reason I even learned of these events is that they are prominently featured in middle-of-the-road French-language publications.  In Le Figaro,

and even on the largely-Muslim Morocco-based radio station Medi1:

Go figure.

[Update 20 August 2013]  OK, now the MSM is paying attention:

That article has an interesting wrinkle:

“We have seen zero indication that the Muslim Brotherhood as an organization is organizing these attacks,” said a high-ranking Western official ...  The official said the blame more likely rested with Islamist vigilantes rather than Brotherhood members acting on orders.

What the truth may be -- Allahu a`lamu.  But it is certainly the case  that AQE has been hostile to the MB, as not being sufficiently extremist.

The New York Times has likewise belatedly caught up as well:

Hundreds of Islamists poured into the street, torching, looting and smashing the village’s two churches and a nearby monastery, lashing out so ferociously that marble altars were left in broken heaps on the floor.
Over the next few days, a wave of similar attacks on the Coptic Christian minority washed over the country as Islamists set upon homes and churches, shops and schools, youth clubs and at least one orphanage…  [T]he authorities stood by and watched: in Nazla, as in other places, the army and the police made no attempt to intervene.


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