Friday, August 16, 2013

“Justice one liners”

Surprisingly, someone just reached this site by googling those words.   Without further guidance, they might be disappointed.  If it is one-liners that interest you, these indeed exist -- in abundance -- in three different categories, each with a specific Label.  Click on the one that interests you.

=> Epigrams   (These tend to be rather abstract or ‘Zen’.)
=> Choice one-line excerpts from larger posts. (These are rhetorical or polemical, and offer links to the containing essays.)
=> Monostichs.  (Unfortunately these are not Labeled  as such; you would find them via a Boolean intersection of poetry and minimalism, but Blogspot doesn’t let you do that.)

[Note:  Our good friend Mr. Michael Murphy, Private Detective, also gets off an occasional one-liner: ]

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