Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Snow-bunny language distinguishes 17,000 shades of white; yet they have no word for "black", "grey", "green", "blue", “color”, "long", "short", "slow", "fast", "song", "sad", or anything else.
If you already speak the language of snowdrops, snow-bunny language should be easy to learn.  It is pronounced more softly, and with somewhat more lip-rounding.  The vowels are silent, the consonants  heard  not at all.


Snow bunnies like to run very fast.  One time, they discovered how to create the illusion of running even faster, while actually maintaining their normal speed.  With a rapid motion of the feet, they began to spin the planet, just like an exercise-wheel.  Faster and faster it went, till their ground-speed reached a thousand, a million, a trillion miles a second; while they themselves continued to drift lazily along at the speed of light, relative to the fixed stars.


The year 3042 will long live in memory as the time the penguins and the snow bunnies held a cultural exchange.  The snow bunnies went down to Antarctica, where the penguins showed them how to stand around for days on end.  Stand, stand, stand; now facing this way, now facing that. When the penguins can stand it no longer, they leap into the freezing sea, and swim in a frenzy in the dark dank waters, chasing the swift and slimy, salty tasty fish.  The snow-bunnies listened politely, but could make nothing of it.
            Then the penguins followed the snow bunnies to the North Pole, where they learnt to their astonishment the customs of their hosts, who race all day invisibly, never eating or sleeping or stopping or waking up.  They never go near the water, because they don't like to get their nice fur wet.  (The penguins standing motionless and speechless.)
            Then each species went back to their ancestral home, praising the intricacy of the Creation, knowing that there are some things they would never understand.

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