Thursday, August 29, 2013

“You Broke it, You Bought it.”

When I was but a boy -- when Ike was in office, and a young fellow with the improbable name of “Elvis” was causing heads and hips to shake -- some stores sported signs saying

You Broke it, You Bought it.

Ever-mindful of the awful sanctions that the stern adult world could impose, I moved gingerly among the aisles, lest inadvertently I should upset some costly item beyond my means -- my means at the time consisting entirely in my allowance of a nickel a week, quickly spent.
It is a lesson worth remembering.


America has been fortunate, in having had very little indeed to do with Syria, throughout its history.  France was involved for a time;  later (to a lesser extent) Britain;  but no-one can blame us for the mess that Syrians have made for themselves.

All that will change, the instant the first Tomahawk lands near Damascus:  we will be blamed for every ill that Syrians have suffered since the age of the Hyksos.  Count on it.

Just sayin’.

~ Celebrity Endorsement ~
“To distract my mind from current troubles,
I like to dig into a gritty mystery,
starring those tough-talking, two-fisted Private Eyes,
the lovable Murphy Brothers.”
(My name is Bashar al-Assad, and I approved this message.)

Meanwhile across the pond:

The Joint Intelligence Committee produced the dossier on Saddam Hussein’s supposed WMD arsenal, used by Tony Blair’s government to justify joining George Bush’s invasion of Iraq; a deeply flawed document which became a byword for manipulation and fabrication, even of intelligence to suit a political agenda.
The report the JIC presented today into another tranche of WMDs, this time belonging to Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, was written in much more measured tones, acknowledging that much of it was from open source material – videos, testimonies of patients and medics – and not really revealing anything significantly secret.
In the process it failed to make a case for war.

And in case you imagined that Syrian Christians are cool with U.S. intervention, check this out:

Already weary of this WMD summer re-run?
Why  not read a gripping mystery instead!
Check in with the Murphy Brothers,
two-fisted, wise-cracking  Private Eyes:
Yule B glad U did!


Und täglich grüßt das WMD …

A wry comment in a Swiss publication:

Hat sich da der Friedensnobeltraeger Barack Obama mit seiner Syrien Rhetorik nicht selbst an’s Bein gepinkelt; muss er sich doch die Frage stellen wie es moeglich sein koennte, dass er sich ein paar Tage vor dem 12. Jahrestag von 9/11 in eine Situation manoverierte, wo er an der Seite von AlKheida kaempfen soll?

(The salty expression could be rendered as  “The President pipi’d down his own pants-leg”.)

Linguistic bonus:  pronunciation and etymology of the name Bashar al-Assad.

[Update 14 June 2014]  An unusually fine article about the crumbling of Iraq:
 Check out the "Readers favorites" Comments in particular.

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